Welcome to Charity Daleks

The Home of Ady and his Dr Who Toys.

Charity Daleks started in 2007 with Dalek Phil who was given to me by my brother Gareth we grew into a large group of freinds raising money for charity. Some of the group had Starwars and Startreck costumes so we regenerated into Charity Scifi in Dec 2010.

Charity Scifi has grown into a major fundraising group in the west Country raising over £21,000.00 in 2012 and over £48,000.00 since its formation.

This Site is now home for the Props I own and hopefully in time a fun place to visit.

Pictures of all the props and some of the building will be added soon.

Charity Scfi can be contacted on Facebook or,


Dalek Phil
Dalek Al
Dalek Hillman
Dalek Puck
Daleks Al, Hillman and Phil
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